Europhoenix Ltd was initially developed to bridge the gap with the availability of 25kV traction through the rejuvenation of locomotives previously displaced from service in the UK, offering a cost-effective solution to train operating companies.

The concept was successful and between 2008 and 2012, Europhoenix exported twenty-one Class 87 locomotives to Bulmarket in Bulgaria; followed by eight Class 86 locomotives to Floyd in Hungary.

The success achieved with the electric locomotives prompted the business to diversify into diesel-electric traction with Class 56 locos; 56101, 56115 and 56117 were purchased, repaired and sold to Floyd in Hungary during 2012.

It was then a natural progression for Europhoenix to expand into domestic markets, where both electric and diesel-electric traction have been successfully rejuvenated for re-use on the UK network by operators including Rail Operations Group (ROG), Colas Rail and GB Railfreight Ltd.

Owing to the diverse rail industry market, Europhoenix offered a customisation service to the original design ranging from single or twin pantograph arrangement to re-gearing for locomotives that were exported. Train supply, UK signalling instrumentation and radio systems were removed as standard.

Europhoenix hold a comprehensive stock of quality spares for maintenance provision for Class 37 Locomotives and Class 86 Locomotives.

Europhoenix also offers UK and Europe-based maintenance training. We have specialists who are proficient in overseas acceptance procedures and can provide efficient site support as required.

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