At Europhoenix we often receive queries about our company and fleet, which we are always happy to answer. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q. Can you arrange cab rides?

A. No – we do not arrange cab rides you would have to contact an operator to arrange this for you.

Q. Do you have vacancies for shunting, maintenance or driving jobs?

A. No – we don’t have facilities that require these occupations.

Q. Do you have spares for Class 37’s Locomotives?

A. Yes – the list is not exhaustive – Please contact and make a request for the parts that you require.

Q. Do you own MK III Coaching Stock and or any spares?

A. No – we do not own any of the above.

Q. Can you send me a Europhoenix Lanyard?

A. No – These are for Europhoenix Ltd staff only.

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