Export News

Class 87s for UK or Europe

Europhoenix has overhauled the first two of three class 87 locomotives to be made available for lease in the UK or Europe. While the locomotives have also been finished to European standards, unlike the locomotives exported to Bulgaria their UK-specific equipment has been retained, and recertification for use on the UK network is expected by the end of 2011. Locomotives 87017 and 87023 have been completed, with 87009 to follow shortly. In collaboration with Electric Traction Ltd, who have four other 25kV locomotives available for hire, a total of seven locomotives of classes 86/1, 86/7 and 87 are potentially available to customers.

Class 87s offer power at rail of 5000hp (7860hp max) and 110mph capability, and have proved one of the most reliable and versatile workhorses of recent years.